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Cooking Golden Professional+movie

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Food & Drink

🏆 Complete program of cookery and orders and how to prepare different dishes and cookery films

🌺🌺 The program is completely free. No ads in the program due to the 100% satisfaction. Dear users, Visit our other program please.

🌟In order to provide a variety of foods including 23 categories apart from all cookie commands, 🌟🌟

🌷There is a culinary training program with more than 2,000 different kinds of delicious and quality recipes that are updated every month or more.

Fill in the foods you are interested in in Favorites so that you never miss them and access them easily and everywhere.
In this program, we have provided absolutely free and no adverts of recipes
Requirements for all ages and new brides and ladies and good-natured ladies who have a perfect cooking program 👫

📱In this program, with more than hundreds of completely Persian language courses or Farsi translations ...... In the next versions, more items will be added.

Include settings: font color, font size and add favorites and search in the program and ................ 🌴🌴🌴🌴

Includes the following sections:

✔All kinds of dishes

✔ Various types of corks

✔Species of broccoli

 ✔Many kinds of pasta | Pasta | lasagna

✔Free seafood

✔A variety of soups

✔Food local dishes

✔ Kinds of Kebabs

✔A variety of pizza

✔Copy types

✔A variety of pizza

✔Sandwich and Burger and Falafel types

✔A variety of desserts

✔Food salads

✔Average Sauce and Seasoning

✔Arts Pickles

✔Jams and marmalades

✔Breads and doughs

✔Specialty Cold Drinks and Syrups

✔ Hot and cold drinks

✔Children's food

✔Sweet and sweet pastries

✔Coffee types

✔Many ice cream

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