Library of Mousavi Ardebili

Library of Mousavi Ardebili

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This software, which has been prepared by the grace and favor of God, contains the books of verdicts and Islamic Laws of Grand Ayatullah Mousavi Ardebili. In this software, the layout of the books is set up in accordance with the last printed version of his Excellency's books to make those who are using the software able to refer easily to the books. In addition, the software has provided for clients some facilities such as e-mail and SMS sending system to ask their canonical and religious questions.

The users are able to be in contact more easily through this section with the Board of Answering the Legal and Religious Questions of the Office of Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili.

We hope that by grace of God and the help of your comments and suggestions, we may offer in the next versions a software with more better features and fewer problems.

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