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The largest archive of architecture and interior decoration in your pocket

Are you an architect Or are you interested in architecture and decoration? We always need different tools to design, or perhaps we need to be educated, if we are to stay in the market, we need to keep up-to-date, maybe you want to have a change in the home and office decor ... We The app "download architecture" exactly for the same.

· Thousands of hours of free educational video: If you want to go to the job market, learn how to get started. Learn more about 3ds max training, vray tutorials, AutoCAD tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, post training tutorials, sketchup tutorials, training animation, and more. ...

· Architecture Magazine: A review of top architectural projects with all the photos and drawings, the introduction of pure design ideas and architecture, architectural styles, biography of architects and ...

· Architect TV: See movies, get ideas ...

· Decoration and home decoration ideas: Hundreds of things and overall picture quality from interior design and house layout ideas.

Design Tools:

· More than 3,000 GB of 3D object  ready to download

· More than 1000 GB of quality materials and texture with architectural and interior design

· You can download more than 1,500 GB 3D scenes

AutoCAD Plans and Files: We've prepared more than 3,000 AutoCAD files from the plan and professional drawings in all design issues.

· Specialized Information: More than 200 titles of architectural studies in various design issues

· Download architectural and design software: Free download of all software and design and architecture

· More than 10,000 photos with interior and interior decoration quality ...

And more and more importantly, we update every day and this archive gets bigger every day ...

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instagram: @archprojects1

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