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I hope that we will be happy to accept you as a companion.

Midland software is currently available in the city of Shiraz. We hope that with the support of your dear colleagues, we can provide you with good services.

How to use the software

Before entering and purchasing, please enter the registration section. Enter your email and enter the password you do not forget. An email will be sent to you. Then, on the email, you will be logged in and you will receive the confirmation. You will be logged in again and edited. Enter your profile information, especially enter the zip code and email address completely, and finally press the Save button.



Those who do not want to be members to receive our discounts can do their shopping without membership.

Order order

First, enter the categories after selecting the product type, order type and number, complete your order, and finally finalize your purchase, so our dedicated courier will bring you the order. tip For every product you order, a quick app comes in to buy a splash.

For example,

you will be using the product pad. Once you've added it to the shopping cart, you'll be logged in to the shopping cart. If you want to order another product, you must re-enter the app's menu from the category. Choose the categories

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