Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy week by week

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Welcome to the week-to-week pregnancy app.

First of all, we have a special greeting to you, dear couples, who will soon have a baby.

This comprehensive guide is for you dear couples and pregnant mothers. A comprehensive pregnancy guide is from the first week of pregnancy to the final week of pregnancy. You will get a complete overview of all weeks of pregnancy and videos of all weeks of pregnancy, about your baby's growth and development, and child care throughout pregnancy.

This app is not only suitable for you dear couples and pregnant mothers but also for all couples and relatives, all dear women and even single women who may be married in the future and all who somehow read their information and knowledge about the field. To increase pregnancy

In this app, all pregnancy weeks are described separately for your loved ones, especially mothers with babies, and you are familiar with the moment to moment pregnancy from the time of fetus formation, week to week fetal development, the physical condition of pregnant women and time of delivery. You get it. And all of the following will apply to all weeks of pregnancy. 😊

Body condition every week

Embryo status every week

Ultrasound per week (if done)

every week

Natural symptoms every week

Alerts every week

Nutrition every week

Exercise every wee

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