Bank Card Banking Service

Bank Card Banking Service

Version 1.1
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The Bank Card Service Card program helps you to easily complete your banking operations

In this program, more than 30 banks and institutions with their services are available to you

Our team consists of domestic and foreign programmers, and due to the variety of banking software and banks, we plan to develop a program that uses fully updated and secure banking services, such as bank codes and online banking, Providing direct service to your compatriots so that you can complete all your banking affairs at home with complete security

App Services:

Inventory inquiry of all your cards online and offline

Do card-to-card between your banks and accounts

Harvest without a bank card from ATMs (ATMs)

Pay your bank installments and see your installment balances

Paying all bills of water, electricity, gas, smuggling and ...

Purchase a charge card for all mobile operators and WiMAX without the need for your card

Full Internet Banking Services

Send a charge for any number with a click

Store your card information in a high security environment (the password for your card is not inquired or stored in the application environment). For card-to-card and inventory items, we also attach you to your bank and enter the password there.

Just copy your card number to others by selecting an option.

And even send the picture or send out the desired card information

In this program you can save all your cards and receive or transfer funds according to your existing bank account services and many more.

Features include:

Login with password

Multi-user functionality for all family members if you desire

Store bank account information for easy access to their information (your card is not in the program environment, not asked or stored). For card-to-card and inventory items, we also attach you to your bank and enter the password there.

Perform banking services of each bank separately and according to your bank

Receipt of inventory, transfer of funds, cards and cards and between your accounts

Purchase and send charge of all operators and all numbers without a bank card

Pay bills

Custom text messages such as the card number and the name of the cardholder, etc. for your desired number

Send your saved card image with one click

All bank access to the bank's bank

And many more

Banks included in the program:

+ Mellat Bank

+ National Bank

+ Agricultural Bank

+ Bank of Housing

+ City Bank

+ Sina Bank

Bank Sepah

+ Wisdom Bank of Iranians

Bank Ansar

+ Export Bank

+ Future Bank

+ Pasargad Bank

+ Trade Bank

+ Pars Bank

+ Capital Bank

+ Bank of prosperity

+ Tourism Bank

+ New Economy Bank

+ Saman Bank

+ Gwain Bank

Bank + Di

+ Iran Land Bank

+ Iran Bank Bank

Bank + Economy Bank

+ Cooperative Development Bank

+ Bank Post

+ Iranian Export Bank

+ Bank of Industry and Mining

+ Entrepreneur Bank

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