Traps baht(robotcleanerbuild links)

Traps baht(robotcleanerbuild links)

Version v1.5
Active installs

in the name of God
Creating robots anti-advertising, anti-link (link eraser), antispam

Using the training program do not doubt you can create your own robot (Guaranteed)

I express the very simple description has a problem Brnkhvryd understand even for beginners entry

Although I'm sure someone at your service if you have any problem Brnmykhvrh but in the end I put up cable ID

We have two ways of making money on the server's robot after robot server Free Manufacturing (Full)

Persian language is the language of instruction of the robot is a robot properties

We also Creating a virtual account number in the program we have robots

Iran and limited numbers are not supported by over 500 minutes, but the number is not virtual

Robot features:

View All Groups

Display, group administrators Group, Bot Group, All Members

Fired up and restoring user groups and user groups

Add User to blacklist robot

Ability to set up rules for the robot and called in a statement for Members

The new group is called link building and link the group with a mandate

Lock message in the form of links, sticker, audience, Persian, Arabic, (with locking told any of the other Members are not able to write it.)

Death or mute a user (You can also enable the specified user to mute or death, by allowing the user to the group, but to send a message not! And the message that sends the groups are not displayed!)

View the settings on the robot in the desired group

Adad the latest robot Infinity Group


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