Snowball Fighters  - Winter Snowball Game

Snowball Fighters - Winter Snowball Game

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Snowball Fighters is a challenging snowball fighting game. Using a simple drag and drop touch control you play a team of three figures facing several waves of opponents in a digital snowball fight.

Obtain coins for each level passed. Using these coins you can unlock extras that increase your chances of beating the opponent team. Overall 10 different extras can be unlocked. Some of these extras are:

- Icewall: You can set up an icewall that protects your figures from opponent snowballs
- Powerball: Increase the power of your snowball
- Firerate: fire snowballs with faster velocity
- Freeze: Freeze the opponent figures

An included multitouch support makes it possible to control your team using several fingers or by the help of your friends.

Check out how far you can get.

Compare your scores to your friends and gain achievments using Google Play Game Services.