Animal Sound - Night Story

Animal Sound - Night Story

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In the name of Allah

Joy Island software with various educational and fun parts can provide happy moments with learning to your loved ones. This software is completely free and all parts are open.

1. The story of the night

With more than 100 informative stories that are updated every week, this section can help mothers to sleep well, and children will be added to their information and be entertained by listening to these stories. You must connect to the Internet when using this section)

2. Animal Sound Section

* Farsi version of the names of all animals to learn the names of animals by children.

In this section, we tried to use high-quality images and sounds to make full use of the vouchers.

In this sound and image 130 animals have been used

Cat - Tiger - Crow - Cow - Hippo - Dogfish - Whale - Milk - Ass - Seagull

3. Alphabetical section of Farsi

In this section, the letters of the alphabet are taught in Persian

4. Numbers section

Numbers are taught in audio and video

5. Body parts

Body organs are taught in audio and video

6. The alphabet section of English

In this section, the letters of the English alphabet are taught

7. The Objects section

Child-friendly things are taught to the child

8. Geometric shapes section

Please do not miss us, your feedback will help us improve the quality of the program


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