news olyampic 2016

news olyampic 2016

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2016 Olympic news, sports, independent media

The latest sports news, including news, football, volleyball, basketball and other sports along with table and follow live results at the 2016 Olympic news.

*** Note: To make all parts of the program to be implemented fully and without problem, you need to have installed the latest version of google play services.

Android Apps software first comprehensive sports news 2016 Olympic Games, is dedicated Aylma.

Software features:

- See the latest news about the Olympics 2016
- Quick access to news and sporting events
- News: Find News and Hover Effects of different teams in the tournament
- Full Text News
- Compatibility with version 4.0 and above
- Added game results
- Change of Appearance
- Ability likes and Dyslayk News
- Ability to follow and not follow your favorite news
- Added the news magazine (selected news categories and view the same news)

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