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Restaurant Management

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Restaturant Management Software:

Today in most Restaturants and stores still account its station. Applications can be found online that fellow hardly could you eliminate a lot of problems. I suggest you read the full functionality of the software:

Capabilities :

The storage - the ability to record the warehouse,

Sales - The customer registration, sale and invoices with invoice items and displays information about it

Accounting department - the registration of bank accounts in 30 banks in the country and also record the incoming check and payments

Reminded the received check and payment  even when the application is closed.

Members Area - allows users to capture and record seller for administrator and general user input for different parts of the software license

For example, the user can add an event that can only be the food and the customer.


• Ability to set currency (Rials or Toman)

• Ability to change theme (template) Software

• Ability to turn on or off the vibration and lighting Software

• Ability to delete all information (storage, food, customer, sales, invoices, accounts, Check, etc.)

• Ability to make a backup of some data (storage, food, customer and account) and use the backup file at the time of the loss of information.


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