Wahhabi Encyclopedia (Devil's Horn)

Wahhabi Encyclopedia (Devil's Horn)

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This program includes eight general sections (menus):


The full text of 120 articles on criticism and Mahdism is discussed in the following topics: Imamate and Wilayah, Sahib Bayt, Tomb Raising, Intercession, Tawassul, Quran Delivery, Women of the Prophet, Unity, Mahdism, Mut'ah, Hadiths (Ghadir, Qartas, Saqalin, etc.). ..), mourning and…


Complete list of books, meetings, etc. from the debate between Allama Shia with Sunni and Wahhabi architecture


More than 350 detailed and comprehensive guidelines and answers on Wahhabi thoughts and ideas and support for Shiite beliefs b proposed (presented: Imamate and Wilayah, Summary, Companions, Shiite Beliefs, Wahhabi Beliefs, Infallibility, Mourning, History, Space, Ghadir And….)


Using the existing 1150 files, you can find professors Hojjatoleslam Najmuddin Tabasi, Hojjatoleslam Dr. Hossein Hosseini Qazvini, Hojjatoleslam Hosseini Milani, calligrapher Hojjatoleslam, Dr. Essam Al-Abed, etc. in topics: Imam Ali (AS), the Prophet , Imam Hussein (AS), Critique of Wahhabi Monotheistic Thought, Wahhabi History, Sanction of the Qur'an, Joshan, Infallibility, Basics of Graves, etc. You can also have the full text (audio file text) of 330 items


At present, more than 2550 speakers, debates, scientific discussions, etc. from professors of Shia and Sunni and Wahhabi scholars as an article


This text is a list of news (more than 2,500 news) about local Wahhabi activities in listening and helping the world using news site services in most cases.


In this section, you can see five sections entitled "History, Sharia Fatwas, Interpretive Fatwas, Wahhabism from Each of Them."

1- History : In the history section, an explanation of the background, history and activities of Wahhabism can be explained from the misinterpretation so far in the form of fifty titles of study and editing.

2- Hate speech : includes a hundred-year-old article title about fatwas and hate speech and customary and right of Wahhabi scholars and free in economic issues: blasphemous fatwas, posthumous fatwas, religious fatwas, ridiculous fatwas, anti-Muslim fatwas ... The contents of this section are presented with a video document of Gerdol)

3- Takfiri fatwas : This section contains seventy articles about Al-Reza Wahhabism's takfiri fatwas in the following topics: traditional takfir, takfir of Shiite scholars, various takfir of Muslims, destroyed fatwas, jihad fatwas on Shiites, etc. ( It is visualized through fatwas and content)

4- Wahhabism from the perspective of reason and sharia: includes four fourteen titles of articles about the difference between Wahhabism from the point of view of reason and sharia (summary of the contents in this field is also with the video document)

5 - Returned from religion : Introducing two hundred guides from which you can refer to and has entered the Shiite religion of deception (in Persian and Arabic) with another image

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