Daneshnameh Quran

Daneshnameh Quran

Version 1.2
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The text of the Holy Quran along with ten translations and two descriptions of the Quran and two interpretations

Ability to access the text of the Qur'an by choosing sura, party and component

Teaching, reading, reciting, teaching and reading the Qur'an

More than 50 books on Qur'anic research

Provide over 230 Quranic articles

A list of 160 Quranic teachings

Provide 500 Quranic riddles in a categorized form

Provide over 80 articles on Quranic sciences

Browse over 160 articles on Qur'anic teachings

Presenting over 130 stories of the Qur'an

A list of hundred and twenty Quranic narrations

Qur'anic questionnaire with over 3500 questions and answers (categorized (320 subjects))

Presenting the Quranic narrations in the list of two hundred and seventy hadiths

Provide a list of Quranic verses related to Ahlul-Bayt (PBUH) (over three hundred items)

Present over 200 articles on Qur'anic

* Software features

Ability to change font type

Ability to resize the font

Possibility to create a list of interests

Ability to search the list of titles in each section

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