JanatolAhrar (Quran-Nahj-Mafatieh)

JanatolAhrar (Quran-Nahj-Mafatieh)

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The first comprehensive software application Shiite books




Since going public four Shiites in the Qur'an, Nahj al-Balagha, Sajjadieh scriptures and other books are more than Jinan. And unfortunately, digital products that in these areas produced comprehensive high not only meet part of the needs were of Ahrar thought to produce software called "Jannat al-Ahrar" and that most of the expectations and demands of the user space digital in general and specialized books on these four important and Shia are responsive.

and costs of achieving this content is lowered to the notable

Jannat al-Ahrar some of the contents and features of the software are as follows:



The Qur'an:


List Chapter: This chapter of the Koran text which contains the entire Arabic text of the Quran with audio Hrsvrh, 10 different translations and interpreting Farsi example, and Al is 2.


Tajvidi education: more than 80 points and more on how to correct recitation of the Quran


Quranic stories: more than 130 stories of the Quran (groups and individuals in the Qur'an referred to them)


Riddles Koran: more than 500 points and the mystery of the Qur'an (the subject of classified)


Quranic stories: more than 120 stories and story characters and different people with the Qur'an


Quranic papers: more than 230 articles on the topics of Quran


Dictionary: Dictionary Arabic-Persian dictionaries and dictionary with more than 10 thousand Alshah (Arabic to Arabic) with more than 3,700 Spanish




The Nahj al-Balagha:



Nahj al-Balagha section contains the entire text of the book Nahj under four categories sermons, letters, wisdom, wonders, along with the sound of each section, 27 translations and 32  is described.


Pages of Arabic text, translation and commentary fever are on the same page in a page the user can type font, font size, between 27  and 32 as well as sharing text translations to do.


Culture Subject: View over 2,200 topics ranging from Nahj al-Balagha, translated and cited references




The scriptures Sajjadieh:


List prayers: the full text of books to browse Persian scriptures Sajjadieh and more than 30 translations and 30 as (in Persian and Arabic) capable statements prayers Separated Presentation


The display relevant verses and hadiths, as well as the corresponding audio file


Jinan section:


This part of the software consists of four parts prayers, actions, Ziarat and join the full text of which has been collected in Jinan






1 - To view the translation, and commentary for matching with a choice of between 27 and 32 as translator


2 Search in all sectors and lists


3 lets you choose specific items for the Arab sector (text), Persian (translation) and as individually


4 - Ability to share content


5 - Ability to change text size


6 - Allows you to select to view content during the day and night programming environment


7 - Ability to change between internal memory and external memory data storage (sdcard) for ease of use


8 - Take advantage of the animation on the front page of beautiful user interface


9 - Full support for all phones between 3 to 10 inches (per Rzvlyshyny)


10 - Ability to download information after installation (to reduce the size of the original version) and translation of the description, the audio files from the Internet


11 - Ability to download all the data at once

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