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xDownloader | Pro Download Manager

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Jet loader | Download Professional Android Manager | Increase data loading speed up to 8 times !!!

First of all, first of all, I would like to mention that this application increases the download speed of files up to 8 times. In this application, with the unique algorithm and download mechanism, your files are divided into 16 pieces and each part is summarized. Encrypted (HASH) converts to 60% of each of the sixteen episodes, and finally configures and reassembles the files once you're done, even if you want to speed up the download and configuration. Enable "Turbo Mode" from the settings section!

The only download manager you will need for your Android device! The ability to fit and categorize files being downloaded or downloaded based on time, volume, type, storage space, etc. easily in one click.

Ability to search between downloaded or downloaded files by Download Manager, Ability to split and fragment files from 2 to 16 pieces! Supports all types of files and formats available for images, videos, music, documents, software and applications, private data and other available files.

Ability to compress files while downloading and assembling files after downloading, has turbo mode, to increase the processing speed and configuration of downloaded or downloaded files, the ability to view, share, delete, sync or retrieve Detailed information about the file.

Ability to re-download the pre-downloaded file, the ability to share the download link of the files, the ability to stop and continue downloading files to continue downloading at another time, fast, light and simple compatible with Android devices Android 5 and above !

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fastest Download manager for android!💙💙💙💙