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New for winter, The alien invasion has begun!

It's up to you to stop the invasion, leap into your fighter and fly into action to protect your scientists from being killed , or worse... abducted by aliens!

For each alien invader you shoot down you will earn points and points turn into credits! With each game you can upgrade your base ship and it's systems. Will you be able to turn your sole average fighter into a fleet of fully equipped alien destroyers? Jump in your craft and bring war to the alien menace. Upgrading your craft with auto-cannons, EMP, Missiles and all manner of other craft upgrades. You can even upgrade your craft to entirely new craft, which also allows more powerful upgrades.

Invasion is a new game using physics based action arcade shooter to make collisions and explosions more fun and a multitude of zips, zaps, bangs and boom sound effects to make each game an unpredictable riot once the action gets going. There's even in game awards and rewards for really "sticking it" to evil enemy invasion horde!

With 20 levels of invading alien land craft, drones, attack craft, abducting craft, speedy scouts, attack saucers and the meanie elite, not to mention the new motherships that you will have to beat; Invasion will keep you playing...

So, fully upgrade your under mount gun turret, load up your missiles and lets show these aliens they chose the wrong planet for Invasion.