Case Simulator For Standoff 2

Case Simulator For Standoff 2

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Collect rare Standoff skins and share the result!
Standoff 2 Case Simulator is a free game in which you can collect the skins of your dreams.

You have to study all the boxes of the standoff to understand where your desired skin is. It will take a long time, good luck to you.

We tried to collect all the skins, you just have to collect all the skins from standoff that you want. Try your luck.

Do your best to keep your inventory only of red standoff skins.

Features of the game:
▪️ Collect your dream inventory completely free
▪️ We only have exclusive cases with unique skins
▪️ Collect the best collection of skins
▪️ Knock out the rarest skins
▪️ Try your luck: try to knock out special skins
▪️ Share your achievements with your friends

Disclaimer: This game is a simulation game, so the skins cannot be displayed in the original game in any way. The game is created by fans for fans and does not apply to the original game Standoff 2 !