Prison Escape: Jail Break Puzzle

Prison Escape: Jail Break Puzzle

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You were caught and placed in a prison cell. Now your home is a prison (or bunker) and you need to escape from the prison. First, you have to find your way out of the room. Also, you will need to find all the hidden objects. In this puzzle you have to solve mysteries and riddles, open doors and find out where your cellmate disappeared. Surviving this adventure and escape from the prison will not be easy and you will have to work hard to find all the hidden objects and escape the prison.

In this game you need to move between different rooms and others. jailbreak is an addicting puzzle game, passing of which will be a great test for your mind. Each quest room has new riddles and puzzle levels, in order to go further, you will have to find a way out of the room and take useful inventory with you. Can you sneak past the enemy, escape with or without prompts, and get away unnoticed?

- exciting adventures
- interesting story
- interesting puzzles and quests
- clear and user-friendly interface

Escape quest will appeal to everyone who loves to solve puzzles, scary horror quests about war and abandoned houses, adventure games and puzzle quests, escape from prison or find a way out of the room.

Prison Break Adventure Jail Break is a jailbreak quest game.

Downloading from Google Play is completely free.
You can play offline without internet. The entire game is free, as is all the content in it.