God Live Wallpaper

God Live Wallpaper

نسخه ۶.۰
نصب فعال

Show your devotion and faith in God by putting on your smartphone beautiful images of God, our good shepherd, leading his flock to heavens. God Live Wallpaper inspires good in people, which is the main purpose of Christianity. Praise the Lord and Jesus Christ with your wonderful spiritual live wallpaper. Divine and moving backgrounds of our savior will help you remember the most beautiful stories from the Holy Bible's gospels. God Wallpaper will awaken the purest feelings in you. Download this new live wallpaper and express your faith and love for our dear God.

- Motion of flashes and lights keeps changing with time.
- You can choose from several different Jesus background themes.
- Optimized Battery Usage
- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
- The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery.

If you are a true Christian and God loving person, you should definitely decorate your smartphone with beautiful images of God, Jesus, Virgin Mary and other religious pictures! Listen to the word of God and find your inner faith and spirituality with these amazing HD background images. Let the good shepherd guide your way through prayers and show you how to truly praise the Lord. Pictures of God will bring you peace and love and you will feel blessed every time you glance at your phone screen. You will especially appreciate these wonderful pictures of God on major holidays such as Easter, Christmas Eve and Holy Friday. Let the Holy Spirit guide you through fasting and help you resist the temptations! You don’t have to visit the church or read the Holy Bible verses every time you feel like praying. It’s enough to look at this divine God Live Wallpaper, which will be like a gift from God every time you need to restore your faith. May the Holy Trinity be with you every step of your way, illuminating the path of a true believer.

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