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FootYard is a new game from ElmoGame Studio, a combination of two popular sports games "football" and "billiards." In this game, current football players around the world are playing with all their real features. The game runs completely online and real-time. Players in the game, weekly or monthly, are rated by the game server without having to update the client version, and each user must monitor the players in the game to get the best.

Also in the gameplay, each player is simulated in the form of a bead that has four main attributes: Power, Speed, Size, and Stamina, which power is the amount of the player's strength shot And the higher the strength of a player, the more they throw them around when they hit the ball and other players. The speed of the player determines the agility and speed of players' transfer, and the faster the player moves, the faster the distance goes after each move. The size of the player determines the size of the nut; the larger the size, the more space the player occupies, this is very effective in keeping the playing style in order to avoid flooding. The fourth feature, the greater the player's stamina, will be later injured and will be delayed because each player has the health attribute and is reduced every time it hits other players. The longer the stamina, the lesser the health and the later it gets injured.

One of the main features of this game is to search and play with friends. Each user can send friend requests by searching their names. in addition, they can play with each other.

Another feature of the game is Powering Up (upgrade), which affects all four player parameters. Each powerup improves power, speed, size, and Stamina, or a combination of these. Each powerup has a specific time duration.

The initial composition of each team (Formation) is very important. There are different combinations for each user who can use them after purchase and provide their team's initial makeup to deal with others.

In addition to having the right players, each user can also have different teams' shirts, which, when played, shirt and club logo, displays on the player beat.

* Lucky wheel and Daily Bonus

* Ability to display video and get free coins

* Search friends in the game

* Twosome online game

* Play with Artificial Intelligence

* Intelligent Matchmaking to compete against two players based on level, winnings and loss rate and team strength

* Buy and Sell Players

* Change the formation during the game

* Purchase Health Pack

* And dozens more features


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