Troubles Land

Troubles Land

Version 1.2
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Troubles land is a Unique and extensive 2D Platformer made by gamers for gamers, completely FREE and No In App Purchases.

It’s the saga of seven legends on journey through a Land full of mystery and mortal enemies, the story starts in the dark forest where our heroes will have to cross the road of the livid dead and fight with the shadow of the true king of the jungle.

Passing to the caves of the forgotten dreams our heroes will face the origins of all evil where ungodly fiesta roam the caves with fortune of diamond to gain but yet with a lot to lose, that if they can only overcome the secret in beating the Giant digger spider monster that awaits them at the end. However the caves has another mystery the hidden grand table where food and candy are in excess but with dangerous bugs everywhere.

As if the clash with the spider monster was not hard enough for our brave heroes they find themselves in the midst of a deeper trouble, in fact its several miles deep in the sea in a secret facility ruled by clans of a transformed humanoid frogs, the seven heroes have to navigate a very dangerous deep sea with a fragile glazed submarine, where the difference between life and death is a rock away. and when finally things seems to work their way they accidently awake the Leviathan the king of the sea, and that when a run for it could be the only heroic thing to do.

Not a moment to rest for our heroes, when one thought things can't get any worse, an alien ships strike down on the Troubles Land and kidnap them to an alien world. Being innovative heroes they quickly learn how to operate these aliens’ ships and launch a massive attack on the aliens Mothership and indeed it is huge battleship.

Finally, the exhausted heroes reach back to the troubles land where they have to dash against the elite guards of the king, where an epic war is raged on them, to meet finally with the king's ship...

More than 30 levels of extraordinary gameplay that will hook you for tens of hours.
Seven Characters to choose from.
Completely Free; no In App Purchases
Achievements and Leaderboard support.
Amazing Hand drawn Art and Music.
Epic Boss Battles

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