Behrest for insomnia treatment

Behrest for insomnia treatment

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application of relaxation training, meditation, sleep hygiene and insomnia treatment

🔍 under the supervision of Dr. Mostafa Amiri Fellow of Sleep Disorders from Spain

This app is designed to build healthy sleep habits as well as cure insomnia and alleviate stress and anxiety by the AI team and the Virus Programming team under the supervision of Dr. Mostafa Amiri Fellowship of Sleep Disorders.

Sleep health

This section is the foundation of all sections. We cannot have a healthy sleep and lifestyle unless we adhere to the principles of sleep hygiene. These principles are presented in the form of simple illustrations and explanations in this section

Relaxation and meditation

These sections contain dozens of audio files for step-by-step meditation training, and with these tools you can experience a calmer mind and a better sleep. Be sure to listen to these sounds with headphones.


This section contains sounds that may shorten the time to fall asleep. These sounds aren't effective on everyone, and only some are effective. Be sure to listen to these headphones.

before sleep

This section contains dozens of audio files that you can listen to randomly before bedtime, and set to automatically shut off the program in the middle of an audio file that you like. The timing is automatically adjusted by you. Be sure to listen to these sounds with your headphones.

Advanced Treatment of Insomnia (Zzz)

This section is for people who have not responded adequately to previous treatments and are seeking more advanced treatment.

This procedure will usually be set for each individual individually and based on your basic form information.

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