Analyza: Manage Your Money Smartly

Analyza: Manage Your Money Smartly

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Analyza is not your typical money management app. Analyza is your answer to a hassle-free and smart money management app, becoming your financial assistat. It automatically reads and analyses your Bank SMS messages and gives you a detailed outline of your income and spending. 

Through this technology, Analyza allows you to take your financial matters in hand. This app also allows you to share the bank transactions with those that you trust in your family or business. This way you will all be notified of any transactions related to a certain account of your choice.

Analyza takes out the hassle of loging into your internet banking or searching through your SMS messages. It doesn't matter how many accounts or cards you have, all that matters is that you can tag and track your transactions with minimum effort and instead save your time for the more important things in life like your family. This is what we call financial freedom.

If having financial freedom excites you, then give Analyza a try and join our growing community.

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