MusicPlayer - HeadPhone 2018

MusicPlayer - HeadPhone 2018

Version 20
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HeadPhone Music Player is to play music file types

Do you want to listen to all of your music in the best performance and quality in the must beautiful music player??

HeadPhone Music Player made for You!

HeadPhone has all facility that has all paid music players, But totally free!!

and has some facility that even you can't guess them!

Some of HeadPhone Features :

⭐ Material design

⭐ Browse Songs, Albums, Artists

⭐ Create and edit playlists

⭐ 6different now playing styles

⭐ Homescreen widgets

⭐ Browse device folders

⭐ Dark theme and UI customisability

⭐ Gestures for track switching

⭐ LastFM scrobble

⭐ Lyrics support

⭐ Chromecast support

⭐ Android Wear and Android Auto support

⭐ Play all of music files

⭐ Best performance and quality

⭐ Playing queue in notification (Xposed)

⭐ Play music in the background such as you can play some game and listen your favorite music with that...

⭐ Play music in the car ( support AUX cable , bluetooth , wifi and etc...)

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