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Bunker is an amazing app for securing your files.
What makes it so different from any other file vault app? The answer is, we encrypt your files with AES-256!

But wait a second what is AES-256?
Technically, its an Advanced Encryption System. In fact, it encrypts your files the same way the US government encrypts their classified documents!

But why would you need such a high level of security?
Simply put, if a hacker finds a way to gain access to your hidden files, then he can do whatever he wants with them.
But, if your file is encrypted then there is literally nothing he can do.
You can hand over an encrypted file to anyone, there is NOTHING that they can do to access your information. Plus, there is no limit on the type of file you want to encrypt, feel free to encrypt any kind of, Movie, Music File Document or anything else!

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