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Turkeys (in Persian Gulf of Afghanistan: Violet) is a large species of birds of the Meleagris species and native to North America. Turkeys are located in the Galliformes.

Turkeys are distinguished by a beehive that hangs underneath the tip, and is distinguished by a meat hump that hangs from above the tip and called snood. With a length of 1.5-1.8 meters in length, turkeys are the largest birds in the jungles of their place of residence. Like many others, the turkey is larger and colorful than turkey.

When this bird is disturbed or excited, the naked skin in the throat and head area can be changed from gray to red, white and blue. That's why they say turkey in Persian language (turkey is a kind of diamonds that change the direction of light to it from color to other colors).

Europeans, in their first encounter with turkeys in northern America, considered it to be a mistake in the form of a bird that entered Turkey from Turkey via Turkey. However, the name of the Turkish state remained on the bird in English, and this mistake led to its scientific name: National Gris (the name of the Bird Gini in Greece). There are also many names in other languages ​​for non-indigenous turkeys, a long-standing view of this bird has been seen, and it should be added that it is not known where the turkeys really came from.

In this app, we tried to provide you with interesting and useful information on turkey education to your loved ones, so that you become a turkey breeder.

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