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Multi-level user familiarity with the industry to assist on marketing - MLM and familiarity with the Iranians products marketing company, has been made.

1-catalog products:

Group Health BIZ - group cosmetics - food group BIZ - hour group textile group - the group household appliances - washing Group Health - cultural products

2- The training of MLM:

In this section we Qraar many useful training in MLM and from different sources
What is MLM? -History Network marketing and MLM leverage -Qanvn -Byanyh America United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -Rvnd MLM legalization in Iran-the importance of education in MLM - commitment and the allocation of time - four important lessons in MLM - 20 feature the top people in MLM and 14 reasons to success in network marketing
Written in network marketing is useful to you

3- Training team:

In this part of the review of the useful training Achaemenid lodging

Invite invited and introduced to the work and relationship building - the syntax of the list of subjects - how to be a good Przntvr? -

4 - articles and questions:

What is Network Marketing? - Are marketers Iranian legal earth? - The difference between multilevel marketing and pyramid? - What is multi-level marketing? -Chhardh Lie to prevent the change of mind?

5 - Training Videos:

In this section, try these helpful videos we let him trade share to be effective in progress

Randy Gage Robert Kiyosaki film-film-film bamboo Chinese team Sells video-seminar (Mahmoud moazzami)
And training and Conditions ...

5 - product videos:
A few examples of product videos on You can see online

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