My Photo Old Phone Dialer

My Photo Old Phone Dialer

نسخه ۱.۵
نصب فعال

Do you want to experience the old style dial phone's feeling, with your photo and sound effect??. then just install “My Photo old phone dialer” application and bring your android mobiles back to 20th century.

Enjoy 80's, old phone classic styles with My Photo old phone dialer. It enables you to an old classic phone with all the features of modern phone. Once this is installed on your mobile, you can apply rotary dialing features to your smart phone.

Unlike the other Rotary dialer apps, we added an additional feature to this “My Photo old phone dialer” i.e., you can add your loved ones photos to the rotary dialer.

How does it work???

After installation, open the app, then go to “Settings”. Select your loved ones photos from gallery. You have an option to choose the color of your Rotary dialer, and also you can enable sound by a single tap on “Sound enable”.

customize the color of rotary dialer.
Touch call phone in the center to dial.
Quick dialer.
Free and easy to use.
Supports Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes.
Good sound effect.

Enjoy with this classic style dial phone and share your experience with us.

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