electricity building professional

electricity building professional

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➠ Know the complete and complete electrical work of the building and the wiring of the building in plain language and test the electronic components.

 Video tutorial on installing electrical building elements

Elementary Elementary Element and Explanations of Electrical Appliances and Electrical Elements of the Building

◆ Examination of electronic components

You are welcome to build a wiring plan

Some parts of the program: »» »

✔The types of power switches are a bridge and two bridges and double

✔ Wiring methods and practices

✔ Important piping plugins

✔ Basic Electronics

✔ About photocell and relay and capacitors and transistors ...

✔ Correct circuitry in the lighting plan map

✔ Building a dormitory, a dining room, and a restroom.

✔ Razir Building Types

✔ Building Power Plumbing

✔ Learn how to make PCB by hand

✔ Learn to install the fuse box in the building's electricity

✔Check out the electricity distribution box

✔ Installing Fluorescences

✔Touch TV antenna tweaking

✔ Familiar with a variety of wires and cables

✔ Hose alignment and how it works

✔ Blue Cooler Wiring

✔ Learn how to install the alarm

✔Timer for sanitary ventilators

There are many other things in the program

Familiar with wiring devices in an image such as a fuse, a variety of keys to a bridge and duplex. The relay, the presence of the sensors, and the conversion .........

Familiarize yourself with electrical maps and mapping tutorials

Tutorial on installing all types of iphone (audio and video) and fan and alarm and .......

Include settings: font color, font size and add favorites and search in the program and ................ 🌴🌴🌴🌴
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Consultation by Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Electrical Engineers ........

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