Bank Error Dishwasher

Bank Error Dishwasher

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in the name of God.

 Note: Be sure to read the information below

** This program is not just a comprehensive bank of dishwashing machines in Iran

But in addition to the training, there is a way to fix the defect and general information elsewhere.

🔰🔍⚙️🔰🔍⚙ Error Bank and 54-model dishwasher model

🔰🔍⚙️✅ Troubleshooting Dishwasher Training

🔍⚙️✅ Training Disadvantages of Dishwashers

🔍⚙️✅ Teaching how the system works

🔍⚙️✅ Teaching System Trace

🔍⚙️🔍⚙ 24h technical questions from the best technical experts in Iran

🔍⚙️🔍⚙ Interesting information teaching questions answered

🔍⚙️✅ See the training videos completely free

After my review, as well as the urgent need for repairers to find fault codes for dishwashers who had to find faults in a car with various dealers to find a faulty machine, I decided to make software that .. ....

Includes over 1600 error codes, as well as more than 80 general defects, as well as defect troubleshooting along with tutorials.

The list of dishwashing machines used in the software includes:

Samsung, Mauritius, LG, Wieropol, Zirvot, Magic, Packsham, Hardstone, Kral, Bloomberg, Fagor, Brandt, Kenwood, Kevie, Kennedy, Siemens, Bush, Schultz, Hot Punet, Ariston, Indesit, Duel Electronics, Agnes, Inoks, Electrolux, Frigger, Elegance, AEG, General Electric, Beko, Yanur, Haier, Tests, TechnoCut, Bai, Westlee،Asko،mytag،midea،Hitachi،zanussi،hyundai،gorenje،neff

>>>> As you can see, 54 dishwasher models are used in the app that make it easy for everyone. <<<<

As an expert in refrigeration systems, I will try to add other things to future updates in the software, including:

Put all types of dishwashers' manuals

Introducing dash panel display settings, quality control and other information ..

I hope this software can reduce your fatigue by searching for the error code for a variety of dishwasher models ...

Daniel Haghparast (Director of Iran's Professional Keeping Association)

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