Reverse engineering Greens Kenny

Reverse engineering Greens Kenny

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We are in a very complex and dynamic world we live in, this time along with the growth of diverse technologies and applying them in production.

Due to the increasing complexity of technology and lack of access to information on the production structure of a product are some of the methods of science, its ownperformance.

The topic of this research that your analysis on the resulting slice vegetables household electric devices to the reverse engineering method is provided by the country internal workshops and factories are producing

And the purpose of its choice, firstly, be familiar with how to do reverse engineeringtechnique and application based on industrial and manufacturing documentation and evidence, and secondly the dating and how the construction of each piece and its constituent parts.

During the investigation, documentation and useful information as well as in the field of projecting the factory assembly lines layout, how to, raw materials required, human resources, the expertise required and the creation of the dealt that we use in the proper recognition and understanding the real needs of the review guidelines.

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