Jumong facts

Jumong facts

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In the name of Allah

Due to your great welcome, your loved ones and the full-fledged comments for the seventh time (23/2/96) were updated.

What are the realities of the Jamong series?

Who is the real jumong?

Where is Goguryeo really?

Who is the real smoke?

The fringe notes of this myth

Actor of Jumong

Actor Sasanou

Interview with Jumong in Tehran

Interesting photos from behind the scenes

Mahnaz Afshar interview with Jumong

Jumong and his tricolor

Saeed Marouf and Jumong

Jumong at the bench

Criticisms of the series

Has Sasanou been Muslim ?!

4-year-old child death due to Jumong

Suicide Boy Poetry Suicide

Criticisms of the series

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