Version 2.4
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This software is able to very accurately calculate the true value of used cars. This software has been developed in consultation with 4 experts and car dealer. So the pricing is pretty BA. Also the pricing efficiency of over 50 vehicles tested and calibrated.

Furthermore, the purchase price for the vehicle described by you, the expert, and the expert technical points the car will also be announced.
Engine problems will list for you., or columns that have been hit by the car and what the car will inform you of the status of the cache.

variables that it uses software pricing:
1. car price
2. Production model
3. Insurance Status
4. Function
5. State motor vehicle
(Augmented by user-selected variables including engine, gearbox, hydraulics and micro-technical Questions)
6. Chassis Status
(Augmented by user-selected variables including bruised, colors wear, replacement parts and technical questions or fine)
7. Internal state

What will be added in future versions:
The program allows the user to calibrate

other applications:
gold price calculator
health assessment

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