Micro Pinner

Micro Pinner

Version 1.1
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Micro Pinner is a lightweight dialog-only application, which lets you pin text to your statusbar.

Material Design aligned 
Design follows the Material Design Dialog guidelines.

Weights deodexed less than 750kb.

Zero battery & memory impact 
It won't drain your battery nor your memory. No background-services, no background-processes. Incase it does, tell your SystemUI she's a b**ch.

Backwards compatible 
Works on Android 4.1 and up. Lower than 4.1 breaks priority feature.

Permission free 
It will neither spy on your SMS's, nor call it's mothership over network. 
It just want to know when your devices finished its boot-procress, to restore your pins.

Restore functions 
Pins are saved until you swipe them away. 
To restore your pins for example after a reboot, simply open the dialog.

Permanent pins 
Declare your pins as permenent and delete them by clicking on them.

Choosable priority 
Give your pin the priority you think it deserves.

Editable pins 
Edit your pins easily by clicking on them.

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