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حجم is a digital network for blogging, monetization and shopping! If you’re into trending topics, social media, fashion, fitness, and other creative content, check out today.

- Find people with mutual interests.
- Share catching content and bright moments.
- Engage your audience, get subscribers and likes.
- Create magazines on topics like travel, sports, food, movies, online games, etc.
- Activate your Business profile to promote your posts.

Promo account for online earning.
- Be active and monetize your content.
- Get up to 50% of the advertising revenue based on your rating.

- Make transfers without commission within the meNetwork.
- Get your monthly ad rewards on meWallet.

- Sell goods on your profile without switching to another platform.
- Buy products directly from your newsfeed.
- Rate the sellers you bought from and help others to shop smartly.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to answer.

What’s New

We’ve added an exciting new feature: meMarket.
Buy goods directly from your newsfeed.
Sell different products by simply posting items on your profile.
Rate the sellers you bought from and help others to shop smartly.
Ask questions about products and discuss shipment details with sellers directly.
Also, check out redesigned post creation and personal settings interface.

Download today!

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