Bakhtiari tribes

Bakhtiari tribes

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in the name of God
The Bakhtiari Program includes:

1 - Includes all tribes of Bakhtiari

2. Including the tribes of Sadat, affiliated to Yalk Bakhtiari

3- Includes story

4- Contains long and short Bakhtiari poetry

5- Bakhtiari dialect training

Easily find your roots and originality in this app. In this program, you will become familiar with all tribes. This program includes all the tribes of Bakhtiari, and there are also a number of poems and stories in the program that I hope you enjoy.

In this program, you can easily learn the Sorkin Bakhtiari dialect with the Bakhtiari dialect department.

If the font of the program was not read, change the fonts of the program in the fonts section settings. Please

If the program had a problem, if the clans were low, let me know in the next steps.

Hope to succeed in your life.

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