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The Iraqi accent training software is the latest and most comprehensive software in this field, which has been published to this day

The strong point of this software is the sound of the pronunciation of texts along with the texts and the gradual completion of the program in future updates.

This software consists of ten parts

* Part I: Astronomy

There are three topics in this section

1. Familiarity with Iraqi culture and society, which includes eight topics

2. Familiarity with Najaf Ashraf, which consists of three parts

3. Familiarity with the Karbala Mala, which consists of five sections

* Part II: Arbainic conversations and information

There are eleven topics in this section

The most important part of it is the arbalian conversation with audio

The arbalian conversations are designed in such a way that a pilgrim has all the necessary conversations with sound from the beginning of the entry at the border terminal until reaching Karbala.

* Part III: Understanding Arabic dialects

In this section, the Arabic dialects are briefly explained

* Part IV: Personality

In this section, a brief introduction of the prominent and religious figures of Iraq has been addressed

* Section 5: Conversations

In this section, 22 topics are dealt with for day-to-day conversations, each of which consists of two to twelve sections, and all conversations with this section are accompanied by audio.

* Part Six: Educational Content

In this section, training of educational content such as teaching numbers, pronouns, verbs, time constraints, etc. has been addressed.

* Seventh part: Word Bank

There are also many vocabulary words in this section

Section 8: Applicable sentences

In this section, the required and applicable sentences are covered by twenty topics

Section 9: Interesting Tips

In this section, interesting points that have not been addressed to the Iraqi travelers are not worthy of gratitude.

Section 10: Terminology and Proverbs

This section also deals with the use of idioms and proverbs

All sections will be gradually more complete and up-to-date in future updates

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