Electric Power + Industrial

Electric Power + Industrial

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Electric power program training includes electricity power + electrical power + electrical switchgear + electric circuit board circuit diagram

4 programs in 1 electrical education program

The training required for those who are in the field of electrical engineering want to learn or continue to study requires a program that collects all the materials together, or learns in different parts of their knowledge and they always have their own in the Android app. To be

This program refers to various fields of power and industrial power and electrical powerplant ..... which is for all beginners to advanced

Along with the film ....... In the next version, more movies will be added to the program

Which contains various descriptions of

Recognition of various electrical power and industrial equipment and electrical switchgear

Components of power and industrial and electrical components

Training with power and industrial and electrical components

The program will be updated .... Send us comments and suggestions to add in the next version of the program


In collaboration with engineer Mahmoud Rahimzadeh and assisted by some Iranian and foreign sites

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