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With "Iranian Souvenir", wherever you are in Iran, you can order any souvenir from anywhere in Iran from the best and most reputable brand and at the same manufacturer's price, place a bad order and receive it in the shortest possible time and enjoy eating it!

• Remember that we do not store any goods, but your order will be sent directly to you from the manufacturer so that you want fresh and fresh souvenirs.

• "IraniSoghat" team as the first website and app active in the field of souvenir production and distribution of Iranian souvenirs and crafts with experienced and young and creative experts and experts in the field of app programming and website, health, food industry  , Crafts and R&D with the aim of supporting domestic production and job creation on the one hand and supporting the production of high quality goods and products and delivering them to the end consumer by eliminating intermediaries and spending the least possible time and money,  It is trying to play a colorful role in the Iranian craft and souvenir market.

• We assure you that all products offered on the website and the "IraniSoghat" app will be produced, packaged and delivered in the most hygienic process, from the finest raw materials, to the highest standards of hygiene, in a fully hygienic process.

• So you can easily order and order, get the lowest cost and enjoy the souvenirs.  "This is our motto"

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