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Salamate Hamrah

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Health & Fitness

Mobile health app is a step in the promotion of community health.
The app is 4 main sections contain useful articles.

The first part of disease and treatment:
This section contains content that China is a very useful and that users are familiar with a variety of diseases and ways to prevent and treat them.

The second part of first aid:
In the information and training necessary to rescue, accident prevention and protection in harsh conditions is non-Mtrghbh.

The third part of sports and fitness:

Part IV sleep and relaxation:
This section also contains useful content that correct procedures to dream, because dreaming sleep is faster and achieve mental and physical relaxation.


Mobile health app has a unique possibility to study at night by setting the four primary colors blue-green-purple-black and white that prevents eyestrain is in different conditions.

Ability to run and display the Persian texts on phones that do not Persian language.

Beautiful graphics and eye-catching

Environment without complexity in use with quick and easy access to contents



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