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Flashing flashlight program, Various choice of compass options, Powerful while wearing low power battery, Professional features, and maximum display brightness (for phones without flash) with 24-hour support. We are serving you.

Why bright ?!

The algorithms of this flashlight are made to maximize the brightness of your mobile phone, but also keep in mind that the brightness of this flashlight depends on your phone.

The brightness of this flashlight is with the latest and most up-to-date lighting algorithm and it produces a lot of light based on the power of your phone.

Original software or drivers usually use the average power level of a hardware, and we need another software to increase power.

Our goal

It is your satisfaction; so if you come across the program, let us be grateful to you.


Flashing flashlight.

Various themes.


Low battery consumption.

Features and various templates.

Take advantage of the screen light as a flashlight.

Luminous according to the latest and most recent lighting algorithm.

Elegant yet elegant appearance.

This flashlight is safe and does not damage your phone's flash.

High execution speed for essential occasions.

Along with continuous updates.

Run and performance

The flashlight application runs at 95 percent of handsets and tablets at maximum, and may not flash on some ** new handsets ** that do not support the brightness of the Phone.

So, if your phone does not support this feature, do not lower the score!


Our username is in the tele: suppayment , and through this, either through email, we are ready to handle your problems and suggestions.

Thank you

Thank you for reading the description.

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