Poems of Parish

Poems of Parish

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Comprehensive software of the poems of the dedicated parties will be presented to you.
The content of this software:
Pandit that contains the latest poems
Poems of the Death of the Father - The Names of the Death of the Mother - The Poems of the Dead - The Poems of Gilaki for the Evil Gilani - Dvibites - Hadiths and Narratives on Death and Respect for Parents - Examples of condolences with the ability to send - final prayers - gallery featuring pictures of Condolences that you can send to others by editing - Salavat's poems to commemorate the ceremonies and the various sections, including poetry about the Ahlul Bayt Khadman and ...
References :

Books of the Uprising by Haj Hossein Langroudi

End of Book Books from Aram Dell Publications

Ahmadi Golchin Books

It should be noted that only a few of these are free of charge and that the use of the rest of the lyrics requires in-app payments.

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