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Reading along with style

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in the name of God
Exalt greetings and courtesy of dear cousins
Thank you first of all for your gratitude to the leaders of the Poetry Software. Thank you very much for the months of the effort by the software group Adineh, a new software (read-outs and styles). .
The following points should be taken into consideration:
This software consists of 3 parts of poetry, song, and special section which, for the satisfaction of users and loved ones, only the Imam Kadhim's birthday is free. If you are satisfied, you can use the software as an inside payment. Buy 10,000 dollars and pay attention to the fact that all the sections and songs are activated with this purchase, except for (special section)
The special section is still composed of very pure hymns from all the Imams and the Imams (AS). If a respectable user is satisfied with the entire program, he can also purchase and use the special package if it is desired. It is worth noting that the cost of the special section amounts to 5 thousand tomans is .

Note 1: The performances of the styles are performed by the eulogists of Ahlul Bayt, Haj Milad Pirbawafa, Arash Rakhshandeh, Mehdi Pirbaffa, Karbala'i Javad Fadaei, Karbala'i Alireza Naseh from Gilan Province. For familiarization and communication with the cherished mummies, you can enter the section of the introduction of colleagues and echoes in Main menu enter

Tip 2: We have uploaded software, ID, management log and dear users for satisfaction and ease of use. Perhaps if there is a problem with the software or a question has arisen, ask the group manager or ask them to invite the ezines via the ID Telegrams communicate, but some users are unaware of the subject and they are seen to send irrelevant words and insults. You know, insulting through cyberspace is a crime in accordance with Articles 145 and 68 of the Islamic Penal Code, which amounts to one to fifty million Rials " "74 lashes" were used to punish the perpetrators of the subject matter of this article Is.

References :

Book of Golchin Ahmadi Volume 1 to Tenth
The site is free
The site for the publication of the works of the adjectives of Ahl al-Bayt, Haj Mohammad Reza Taheri, Khalaj, Apple Serchi, Javad Moghaddam, the Nazar Band, the Siri Band, the poems of the Honored Master,

I hope you have complete satisfaction with this software
good luck
Adine Software Group

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