Fitness and fitness

Fitness and fitness

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Fitness Training+Fitness+Bodybuilding with Motion Pictures and Movies

✔) Fitness calculations: Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) - Calculate Body Fat Percentage-Calculate Daily Calories.
✔) Food Calorie: A complete list of foods and their calories.
✔) Dietary Diets: Includes training in ordering a variety of dietary foods with nutritional value (How to make dietary supplements 133).
✔ Lifestyle Articles: Includes 356 full-text articles on the problem of obesity scientifically and correctly. Articles such as various diets. -Learning drugs. -Laborative exercises review. -Learning devices. Slimming diets.-Slimming-dementia exercises. Slimming-Fitness & Fitness-Ladies-Walking For Fitness-Fitness-Iran Fitness-At-Home Fitness-Fitness & Fitness-Peru ...
✔) Aerobic and fat burning: Learning 18 moves with motion pictures and explanations without the need for any special means at home or at the club (aerobic training at home (movies) without the need to download videos-completely offline)
✔) Slimming in 30 days: Slimming program in 30 days with training daily exercises for weight loss and fitness with moving pictures and descriptions for 30-day slimming.
✔) Six pieces of stomach in 30 days: six-piece abdominal program in 30 days with training of 18 movements with moving pictures and explanations for strengthening abdominal muscles in the thirty days of the types of abdominal training exercises and abdominal movements.
✔) Bodybuilding Without Weight: Teaching 18 Body Building with Motion Pictures and Descriptions. Strengthen your body without the need for any particular device at your home or muscle club. Includes easy-medium and semi-professional gestures-hard and professional-gymnastic exercises (practice schedules) with professional fitness programs.
✔) Pilates: Learning 44 Pilates moves with picture and explanations Step-by-step in order to make a beautiful, fit and comfortable body Beautifully-low back pain-Losing weight without diet-Pilates training-Abdominal movements and Pilates.

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