Pharmacy and doctor together

Pharmacy and doctor together

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The pharmacy and doctor combined with a comprehensive drug and treatment application is completely free.
Doctor with:

1) List of diseases: Includes 490 illnesses with symptoms of illness-causes of disease-risk factors-disease prevention-consequences of illness-possible complications of disease-treatment of disease-drug-disease-patient-diet-suitable for illness-time to visit A doctor to treat all diseases such as facial treatments, facial treatments, infertility treatment, and gynecological treatments.
2) Symptoms of the disease: Includes 237 symptoms of illness with treatment descriptions and the time of referral to a doctor.
3) Laboratory (interpretation of medical tests): Analysis of the parameters of the tests in 6 categories including blood tests and enzyme-urine test-sperm test-liver test-thyroid test-addiction test.
4) Dentistry: Includes 34 titles such as jaw and mouth and face-orthodontics-prosthetic-tooth extracts-oral-tooth-cancers-wisdom-neuromuscular toothache and the like.
5) Acupuncture: Includes 10 titles like Migraine Treatments - Allergy Treatments - Depression-Wrinkle Treatment-Wrinkle-Healing-Treatment-Painful Periods-Lower Back Pain and Sciatic Treatment.
6) Traditional Medicine: Includes 10 titles such as herbal medicine-massage therapy-shiatsu-cupping-healing-healing-leech therapy-swirling-water therapy derived from the traditional medicine book.
7) Traditional medicine versions: Includes 847 copies of the treatment of the disease using medicinal herbs and herbal medicine and traditional medicine with quick search.
8) Ziaee Master's Edition: Includes 455 copies of the treatment of the disease (Dr. Ziaei healing versions) with quick search.

Pharmacy along with:

9) Chemical drugs: Includes drug information 8820 drug in 51 purple pharmacy departments and description of Persian brand name-generic English-drug group-drug use-drug mechanism-pharmacokinetics-drug use-warnings-side effects of drug-interference Recommended medication-Drug amount-Medicinal forms (capsule-syrup-alcohol-ampoule-vial-spray-fume-ointment-creams-drops-shampoos-dermatological suppositories).
10) Herbal remedies: Introducing 91 herbal remedies with full explanations.
11) Medicinal plants: Herbal herbs (130 types) with full description, such as the properties of herbs and ...
12) Herbal Remedies: The most comprehensive botanical database with full description of herbs and herbs.
13) Herbal Constituents: Includes complete information, healing properties and properties of aromatics (cold and hot).
14) Spices: Includes all kinds of medicines with a description of the medicinal properties (spice medicine) and the properties of spices.
15) Fruits: The most comprehensive encyclopedia of fruits includes: properties + nature + contraindications and ....
16) Honey: The Most Complete and Best Articles on Honey Therapy and its Applications in Diseases.

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