Version Plus
Active installs

Text notes about their saved by the program and Cancel Note (Save program text) up the phone

Always find out why such a program stored in the default Text Gvshym the plaintiff was poor and I decided to write a program that I could finish everything with it easily

I saved text
I clean
Share let
I copy
I have a list of favorite notes
I can for each note
Custom background
Font and font size

I tell

I can also align text and text Anglysymv Farsymv right or left China at both the middle of China I

Above all settings to be stored for each separate text

And when needed easily find using a search word or sentence I am about

And if you need to read long text was very comfortable with read-only mode, I study

Well, I saw You may need to put this program it to download your loved ones

And, of course, no plan is perfect and you are the servant's comments Sazndtvn help improve program

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