Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders

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Wonders of the world know?

Our collection for you, the 28 wonders of the world have gathered in four separate categories that include:

Seven Wonders of the Ancient
New Seven Wonders
Seven Wonders of the Modern
Natural Wonders

Seven Wonders of the ancient architecture and sculpture of antiquity are the top seven in the past and ancient wonders have been selected as the time and place of their destruction Bnashvn the New Seven Wonders were selected in 2007 were this choice was based on an online voting from around the world.
Seven Wonders of Modern America by civil engineers and the modern structures and technologies used in structures selected.
As the name suggests, natural wonders, seven wonders that exists in nature and is announced by CNN in 1997. (Cave Alisadr province is also the eighth place in the list of Seven Wonders, which unfortunately does not. )

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