Electronic circuits PCB

Electronic circuits PCB

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Over 5 thousand 220 electronic circuit and amplifier circuit, and circuits applications such as audio amplifier circuits, timer circuits and timing circuits increase Nvryaynvrtr and converters, power supply, solar circuits, and other functional circuits for electronics enthusiasts in It was Afzargnjandh. (some PCB)

By selecting the "Save the schematic of" electronic circuits in memory (RAM) of your device or your mobile phone's internal storage, or transfer them to your computer (for printing).

Software for electronic circuits 4 without pay legal trouble and wish for a small fee software, help us to improve and expand the application of applause.

We do not benefit from their positive feedback: mobah.org @ gmail.com and to improve and extend the application help.

The software is designed so that you can export from the electronic circuit schematics and schematic circuit in a mobile phone or device of any of you. 100% practical circuits are provided.


By selecting "View" electronic circuit along with the description, the application will see.

You choose "Save the schematic and" them in the phone memory (device) you store, at this point you can use the schematic files on your device.

Or transfer them to your computer (for printing).


Some texts have been translated and most PCB PCB circuit layout is provided, which is stored in RAM can easily get them printed.


In this application you can see:

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Some electronic circuit 4:

Construction of high amp power supply

5 thousand amplifier circuit with IC

180-watt amplifier real

68-watt amplifier

200-watt amplifier

Perry quality amplifier

A simple amplifier

Automatic battery charging 12V

Long-term timer 555



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