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khalafi - Driver Helper

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Following your unrivaled welcome from the car crime program, we've come up with a more complete and exciting plan to meet all your needs.
The program will include the following features and inshallah with your suggestions, the features will be further enhanced:
SMS service includes:
* Inquiries for driving violations by VIN
* Inquiries for driving violations by barcodes
* Negative certificate inquiry
* Enable automatic notification of violations
* Weather forecast
* Enable and disable SMS messages

online services:
* Inquiries on the amount of driving violations
* Negative score inquiry
* Inquiries for driving accidents
* Electronic payment of offenses
* Inquiry on third party insurance rates
* Distance between cities
* The range of Tehran traffic plans

other services :
* Purchase traffic plans
* Traffic Planning Inquiry
* The range of Tehran traffic plans

Where is the plaque
* Distance between cities
* Rate of crime rates
* Negative score table for driving violations
* Essential phone numbers


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