The 504 Absolutely Essential Words

The 504 Absolutely Essential Words

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With 504 fully and without any restrictions and is totally free to upgrade your vocabulary.


The 504 Absolutely Essential Words

In fact, 504 essential words in English that are arguably the best-selling books in English in the last decade has been the most useful resource for learners who want to strengthen moderate Lghatshan. Many students use the book as a comprehensive book to strengthen their English vocabulary so that they can learn their daily routine that includes strengthening the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking the day is done.

We are in the program material, the book collects 504 Absolutely Essential Words have so that you are having it will be able to pay everywhere to study this book and learn the 504 words in the shortest time and review .

504 Essential Words app to teach English along with full audio and read all a lesson for offline without an Internet connection and any TTS by one of the best Spanish immersion programs is to bring it five hundred and four full translation, and the guide pronunciation is based on the Oxford dictionary.


Five hundred and four words in the English language training program application, your application to help students learn. If you use it correctly, you will be most effective in strengthening and expanding vocabulary. In addition, consider the words you learn that words are known and frequently used by educated people are functional words.

Can be used for the entrance examination and volunteers free

Can be used for master exam candidates

Language used exclusively for volunteers, IELTS, TOFEL

Features and capabilities:

504 and all 42 lessons provide all the words of this book

Translate sentence by sentence and word by word, example of book


Text pronunciation (phonetics) (see pronunciation of each word) and of human hearing (real pronounce words without the need to hear the raspy tts free)

Pronounced pronounce all the words naturally without the use of tools and without the need for an Internet connection.

A definition for each word

Three examples are given along with every word that you are more familiar with the use of that word in a sentence.

Reading of all the words used in the lessons.

Ability to create a list of words for Favorite

Powered by offering the ability to search within search terms

User awesome environment

completely free

Without any advertising for consumer focus when studying

Supported devices:

Android: version 1.6 and up

Processor (CPU): at least two nuclear

Rome (RAM): At least 1 GB

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